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| Friday, January 07, 2005

Yesterday, Andy Lau received a $5,000 cheque from a primary school's baseball team, it's a collection of pocket money from a group of students to be donated to the tsunami victims. They have decided to pass the money to Andy, hoping that he'll pass it to related organisations. Andy whom once sponsered the baseball team was popular among the students and trusted him. This group of student remember Andy once said during his performance that "those whom can help could help" thus they heal his plea to donate money for the victims.

Andy express that other than the cheque, they also wrote a letter and drew a drawing, hoping that it'll reach the Indonesian children. Andy is very touched and stress that he'll fulfill the students' wish and he also hope that all Hongkongers will donate in today's charity concert to do their bit for the victims.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News