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| Sunday, January 09, 2005

It's being 10 years as the Ambassador of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Andy Lau attended the 10th Ocean Park Conservation Day and plea all to protect marine life. The organiser arranged children to dress up as marine creatures to promote the message that marine creatures were greatly affected by the tsunami. In between he chatted and joked with the children whom dressed up as marine creatures, he also occassionally held their hands while chatting with them, a scene of father and son. Among the children, Andy pay the most attention to the little girl whom dressed up as a turtle as he get close to her often and "bite its' ear".

Andy also cameo as crew member by helping a presenter held his microphone while he giving his speech.

When talked about the concert for tsunami where some artiste threw light sticks from the stage, he admit throwing himself too, he says: "I threw 1-2 sticks very high but didn't hit anyone. (Dif he got hit by one?) Nope, as I was standing at the last row but I did see someone got hit, especially Cheng Dan Sui as he's rather tall." He admit that it was a dangerous act but at that time when the donation had exceeded HK$30 million, everyone got excited thus someone throw the light sticks. Andy feel that to gather more than 100 artistes within a short time to perform, on seeing everyone working together, he feel proud for Chinese.

Andy also added that he do wish to throw the more than 100 light sticks (passed to him by the crew members) that he was holding but he feel that he shouldn't as being an artiste, he should consider such actions. When asked how many artistes threw light sticks? Andy immediately exclaimed that he'll bare the responsibility, he says: "Then I represent Hong Kong artiste to apologise to all."

In addition, Andy World Club had raise another HK$110,000, Andy top up the fund to HK$120,000 from his own pocket to help the tsunami victims.

On 26 Feb, Andy will be attending an anti-piracy activity in Beijing where Jing Yong and Feng Xiao-gang will also attend to be their image ambassador.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News