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| Monday, January 03, 2005

A Hong Kong-based tabloid newspaper reported Wednesday that Hong Kong pop singer Andy Lau was planning to marry his long-time Chinese-Malaysian girlfriend Carol Zhu.

Lau has allegedly been dating Zhu for 17 years. It was reported that the couple had bought a large plot of land in Malaysia and that Lau had built a mansion worth about HK$20 million (US$2.4 million) there as their home.

Lau has never made public his relationship with Zhu, but the tabloid said he and Zhu were secretly preparing for their marriage.

It is said that Lau likes Zhu's low-key attitude and gentle personality.

Lau was seen wearing a ring on his left hand when he gave a concert on Christmas Eve. Asked whether it was a wedding ring, he said it was a sign of fortune and not an engagement ring.
Carol Zhu opened a travel agency in Hong Kong four years ago with investment from Lau. The tabloid said that Lau put in HK$10 million to show his love for his girlfriend.

Lau's new mansion in Malaysia is lavishly decorated and is tightly guarded. The tabloid added that there were many of Zhu's favorite flowers, such as peony and morning glory, in the garden of the mansion.

news from: Shenzhen Daily