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| Monday, January 03, 2005

Yu Kexin is going to release a book which is a kiss-and-tell about their relationship as a form of emotional closure which anger Andy's fans. In his Andy World Club official website, the fans started a petition activity as they claim that they'll throw eggs at her during her book launch press conference, some warned her for an ambush attack, some said they will subdue her. Some cool headed fans tries to cool the angered fans to prevent her from making the headlines.

Andy's Taiwanese management company exclaimed that Andy didn't make any comments from the beginning to now, the fans' agitation is understandable but there is no way to control everyone's action.

When Yu find out that fans is going to throw eggs at her as revenge, she said agitatedly that if it's true, Andy Lau will shoulder the largest blame as he's a public figure whom responsible to guide his fans what is right or wrong instead of using the fans to supress her. Yu stress that the book is a piece of art which will benefit Andy.

With regards to if she will be giving Andy a copy, Yu heard from her friends that Andy is "very concerned" of the book, if he mind, he'll be able to buy a copy.

news from: MingPao