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| Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nobody will object in referring Andy Lau to be the role model of showbiz, even during the "resting" festive period, he was still busy with the filming of the new movie - Tong Mong. When he manage to have some free time admist his busy schedule to be interviewed in Hong Kong, he leak the secret that many reowned directors hoped to collaborate with him in 2005, but he still craves the invitation from Zhang Yimou.

Felix Wong as Andy's father, it's no joke as this is the casting for the movie Tong Mong. When talked about this movie, Andy frowns as to act from a 23 to 83 years old is no easy feast. Andy says secretly: "In the movie, I'm a 13-years-old boy, Felix is my 30-something-years old father, but one day I met a magical doctor whom found a medicine where one can grow old 10 years within one day, after several days, I found myself to be 83-years-old, who will be older than my father played by Felix." This story is very comical as Felix will be his father and the chance to look like a 83-years-old.

The movie industry is watching at Andy Lau's acting as he didn't deny, he says: "Exactly, many people is willing to discuss with me regarding acting, Johnnie To told me that I didn't act well in House of the Flying Dagger, this never happen before." However, what makes Andy happy is when he met up with John Woo during the Golden Horse Film Awards, John expressed that he would like to collaborate with him, Andy express: "Maybe he's just joking!" During the Beijing directors gala, met up with Chen Kaige, even he told me his intention of a new image for me in his new movie. Among all the invitations, obviously Andy is eyeing on Zhang Yimou. He revealed: "Zhang did ask me if I'm able to accept his next movie, of course it's a good thing to be able to collaborate with reowned directors."

With his good results in the movie industry of Mainland China and Hong Kong, many people would like to ask if he'll seize the chance to venture into Hollywood? With regards to that, he seems to understand the situation and says: "I still don't understand what's there to venture into Hollywood, I don't mean it's bad going there, but you still have many partners to collaborate in Asia, I still have many characters yet to experience, why should I go?" When told that Chow Yun Fatt did quite well in Hollywood, Andy thinks that he should come back and he'll feel the 100% more respect from locals than from foreigners.

news from: Sina.com