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| Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A TV drama serial titled Anita Mui Fei (literally translated) which will have Anita Mui's life as blue-print is under productions. From sources from investors, the drama story will be based on her relationship with Andy Lau and 10 other celebrities. The drama is scheduled to start shooting at the later part of the year.

From what is known, the drama will circulate around Anita's life, her career path and her tough love relationships, in order to show a colourful and realistic life story of Anita. The investors had inked a contract with Anita's mother whom express her support for the project.

In addition, investors revealed that the main attraction of the drama will be bringing Anita's love life onto the screen, everyone knows that Anita and Andy "love relationship" will be shown for the first time but their relationship in the drama will focus more on friendship and won't be included as one of the 10 relationships of Anita.
Other Anita's friends include Leslie Cheung, Jackie Chan and Eric Tsang will not be missed out. Andy's name will be replace by 'Hua ge' (brother Hua), it's confirmed that Andy will not play himself as it will be played by actors with resemblance. In every episode of the drama, Anita's friends will be invited to appear as "being interviewed" to remember Anita, therefore Jackie and Andy might appear in the drama in this manner.

news from: Sina.com