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| Thursday, March 24, 2005

i-CABLE Communications Limited's Sundream Motion Pictures had its launching ceremony yesterday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and Financial Secretary Henry Tang was the special guest. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of CABLE TV Mr. Stephen Ng, Sundream's CEO Tsui Siuming, artiste Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, movie company boss Albert Yeung and Uncle Ba attended the ceremony.

Mr. Tsui revealed that the company will invest HK$300 million in movies for the following 2 years, he express: "We'll be shooting 15 - 20 movies in these 2 years, they includes big and small productions, estimated to invest around HK$300 million."

When talked about the latest plans of the company, Tsui says: "We've confirmed to start shooting 2 movies in June or July, one of them is a police-thief movie directed by Johnnie To, the cast will includes Andy Lau and Louis Koo, another movie will be a ghost movie directed by a new director." Meanwhile, Sundream is also going for 2 big production, one of them is a collaboration with Jacob Chang and another will be directed by himself - Cao Cao which will have a cast of Andy, Louis and Tony Leung.

When asked if for the role of Cao Cao be a fight between Andy and Tony as alleged, Tsui express: "We thought of using an international actor but we're still considering, with regards to the female lead, we'll be using a new actress." He added: "Oscar winner Peter Pao will be in charge of the film's cinemagtography and Yee Chung Man as art director, we are cosidering using Michelle Yeung to cross-dress as Zhou Yu."

When told that the role of Cao Cao will be between himself and Tony, Andy says: "Today I'm here to show my support, we only have initial contact, because later I'll be collaborating with Jacob Chang which Sundream is interested in collborating, but nothing is confirmed."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Pao