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| Sunday, March 13, 2005

Andy Lau, born in September 1961 enrolled into TVB artiste training classes in 1981 and signed on with TVB after graduation. In 1982, he was recommended by Chow Yun Fatt to director Ann Hui and was cast in her representative movie - Boat People and gain popularity thus begin his step to megastar, he was also nominated for the first time for Best New Performer award in Hong Kong Film Awards.

After acting for 20 years, Andy had a total of 123 movies, his healthy and hardworking image was being touted as a learning model for all and recognition by the Chinese audience. Since winning the Best Actor award in Taiwan's Golden Horse Award in 1998, he had won a total of 17 acting awards, it can be said that he had bagged the Asia Pacific Most Popular Actor award in the 90th century. Andy continously requirement of his acting career, professionlism and hardworking has been labelled to be a miracle in Hong Kong's movie industry. Meanwhile, his movies had recorded good box office collections, in 1990 he set up his own movie production company to encourage and lend support financially to new independent film makers, which include Fruit Chan whom un-commercialise concepts were accepted by the audience.

In 1999, Andy won the Hong Kong Top 10 Outstanding Youth award and become World Outstanding Young Person in 2000. Recently he was invited by 5th Chinese Movies Media Award committe members to be Chinese Movie 100th Anniversary Image Ambassador.

His main movies includes Infernal Affairs I & III, House of the Flying Daggers, Running On Karma, Love On A Diet, Running Out Of Time, The Unwritten Law, Lee Rock, Fulltime Killer, Full Throttle, Days of Being Wild, Days of Tomorrow, Shanghai Grand, As Tears Goes By and Boat People.

His major acting awards includes Hong Kong Films Award's Best Actor in 2000 (ROOT) & 2004 (ROK), the 4th Chinese Movies Media Award's Best Actor and Hong Kong/Taiwan Most Popular Actor, 41st Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor for Infernal Affairs III in 2004, 6th Golden Bauhinina Awards Best Actor in 2001, 10th Hong Kong Film Critics Association Best Actor in 2004 and 1996's MTV Movie Awards Asia Pacific Outstanding Artist award.

news from: Sina.com