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| Saturday, March 12, 2005

In order for the character in the movie A World Without Thieves to look realistic, Rene Liu didn't put up any makeup which may be the reason that earns her the Best Actress award in the Golden Bauhinina Awards. Anyway she was familiar in winning awards thus there's no need in finding out the reason. When she first started acting, she become the Asia Pacific Best Actress for her performance in Shao Nu Xiao Yu, she had won similiar awards four times, her suceess rate is higher than Tony Leung. She quipped: "Issit! There are no effects after winning so many times Best Actress, it's still the same."

It was the first time that she won the Best Actress award in Hong Kong, a delighted Rene didn't forget to promote her partner Andy Lau, "Andy is very caring during filming, when filming the last scene where he hugged me, he studied with me which angle should he hug me that will make me look pretty on-screen. He always tell the director to make me more pretty onscreen as he like his female co-star to look pretty!"

When talked about her love life, Rene says: "Although my parents had divorced, but I still believe in mariage, but I'm working now and need to jet around Taiwan and Mainland China, so it's difficult to settle down and set up a family..... when I chose my boyfriend, he must be humourous, clever and not too handsome as I'll be afraid if he's too handsome. Similiar to Andy Lau will do... Ha! Ha!"

news from: Sudden Weekly