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| Saturday, March 26, 2005

It was reported that Andy Lau's movie - Child's Dream started shooting in Hong Kong. Considering the good reviews and box office collection of A World Without Thieves, Andy invites Feng Xiaogang and Li Bingbing to cameo in the movie.

According to reports, Li Bingbing had decided to redraw herself from the cast and missed the chance to collaborate with Andy. However, Andy denies the allegations and express that Li will join the shooting on 15 April to fulfill their agreement.

Having collaborated in Cat and Mouse and A World Without Thieves, Andy is singing praise of Li's acting. When preparing for Child's Dream, he personally invite old partner Li to cameo as his "mother". Li whom was busy filming a drama serial in Shanghai told reporters that she seldom cameo but she was moved by Andy, she says: "In April, I plan to go to Hong Kong for the shooting of 'Meng Long Te Jing Dui', the schedule is rather tight but I did promise Andy to cameo in Child's Dream, I have to oblign even though teh schedule is tight. "Although the screen-time is not much, but her role as "Xiao Guang's" mother which is also an important character, as she has scenes togther with Andy and Feng Xiaogang.

news from: Sina.com