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| Friday, March 25, 2005

According to reporters, it was found out that for Media Asia's latest movie 'Tong Mong' (literally translated as Child's Dream) has an actress like Karen Mok, but she'll be Andy Lau's step-mother as the dream girl will be Cherrie Ying. Looking at the story, the movie is similiar to France's The Little Prince which narrates a fairytale in the city.

With earlier reports that Mainland China's actress Li Bingbing will be Andy's mother but it was found out that Li will miss out as per in the Infernal Affairs trilogy as she'll miss out on Media Asia's production. With regards to the character of Andy's mother, it'll be just briefly mentioned in narration.

In the movie, Andy will be a boy whom grow up overnight with Felix Wong as his father while Cherrie as his dream lover. Andy whom always wants to be together with his dream lover but they just brush past each other, thus become the most beautiful memory of Andy's character memory.

Child's Dream will be similiar with well-known French's The Little Prince as Andy is a boy whom unable to accept the truth that his father remarrying and feel that he and his step-mother doesn't treat him well, thus wanted to leave home. With the help of a crazy scientist, he become a grown-up overnight and experience the taste of an adult. Not long later, he found out the difficulties of an adult that a boy couldn't understand as his parents still treat him well. However, due to him leaving home, his parents quarrel and goes seprate ways. Feeling bad, Andy tries his best to reunite his parents to form a warmth family.

news from: Sina.com