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| Friday, April 29, 2005

Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Departed (Hollywood's version of Infernal Affairs) had started shooting, with Leonardo DiCaprio as Tony Leung's Yan and Matt Damon as Andy Lau's Ming. Similiarly donning western suit but Matt Damon looks fatter and doesn't look as smart as Andy.

When interviewed by Metro Radio yesterday, Andy was asked if he feel that Matt Damon had make the character Ming look ugly? Andy doesn't think so as he says: "He looks okay, maybe the director asked him to put on weight, anyway it's okay if it doesn't affect the movie. Infernal Affairs was based in Hong Kong with the addition of Buddhism favours, I do wanted to watch how Martin Scorsese handles the religion issues, heaven become hell but there are many levels in hell. However, I've confidence in Scorsese, you will know after watching Gangs of New York, even Kungful Hustle copied some scenes and camera angles."

With regards to action against Bit-Torrent(BT) sharing and seeking compensation from illegal download netizens. Andy feel that it's useless for showbiz for doing this as it must be accompanied with the government setting a new rule, if not they'll keep losing. Take example that he filed lawsuit against his image infringement, in the end, it was settled out of court. Andy says: "Filing a lawsuit, when you lose it's because you're not a good actor thus nobody buy tickets for your show, anyway there will be lots of comments to attack you, I tell everyone is that no lawsuit is needed, it would be better that the government set a new rule for BT to become a crime."

Andy sighs that BT had affect Hong Kong's market as the seriousness is similar to those whom was seriously ill, a flu could kill a person, thus everybody should not took too lightly on it as every year's loss in box office is hard to calculate.

In addition, with regards to Internet allegation that he and Carol Zhu Liqian had bought a house together in Malaysia. Andy exclaimed that he never bought any house in Malaysia as all his movies had been invested in the 6 HD movies.

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