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| Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ye Kexin whom earlier published a book on her love relationship with Andy Lau and exclaim that she will not talk about him again but recently she break her promise as she plans to invest with a Xi-an investor to bring her story into a TV drama where she and her mother will be playing themselves in the drama. The pair will be "borrowing" Andy to earn money again.

When Yu Kexin was promoting her book in Mainland China earlier, although the sales was unsatisfactory due to Andy's fans protest, but she do earn some as per claimed by Yu's mother that they're delighted during the autograph session in Xi-an and an investor called for her collaboration and wanted Yu to become the hounary principal for an arts school, he was also interested to bring the love relationship to TV screen as both parties are going to discuss how to translate the book into script.

As Andy will not accept the role, thus there will be a search for the male lead. When interviewed, Yu's mother express that Yu was in Tainan holidaying and will continue her discussion with the investor when she returns. However Yu's mother seems hestitate when talk about the details of the drama, she says: "We'll not be in the cast as we'll trial for newcomers, maybe it'll be in September or October, we'll meet the newcomers, currently it's only initial planning, when the investor called, Yu was not around, we'll further discuss when she return, if the script is okay, we'll shoot it as a drama serial."

When the reporter asked her if they will be in the cast again, she says: "I don't know about Yu, I didn't consider about this, must ask for Yu's comments, nothing is confirmed."

Actually when Yu publish her book, it stir many objections from Andy's fans as they pointed out that she was using her old love to earn money and promoting herself, if it to be filmed into a drama serial, afraid the reaction will be greater. Yu's mother exclaim that their real name will not be used in the drama, and the story will be changed, she says: "All stated in Yu's book is the truth, but it will not be the same in the drama." When asked if they're afraid of being filed a lawsuit by Andy of privacy invasion or being bombard by Andy's fans again, she changed her statement that nothing was confirmed, she says: "This is the issue of Xi-an, I know nothing, we're just into discussion, not known the possibility, Yu did mention that she wanted to film a drama serial, now only the appointed manager in Mainland China is interested, we need to discuss when Yu returns."

On the other end, Andy appeared quiet and refuse to comment on his past relationship being brought up again.

news from: Apple Daily News