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| Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Andy Lau's 6th Taoti Green Tea commerical uses his song - 'Wo De Nei' (in Cantonese meaning I like you) love story as theme, it narrates a male meeting his life's My cup of tea and begin to woo the opposite sex, he even brave the heavy rain thus drenching himself while waiting at the roadside for her to return home.

Andy was arranged to meet the female lead in the rain, in order to express the meaning, he need to run around in the heavy rain several times, he only use a transparent sheet as cover, he took a total of 3 hours for just shooting the raining scene, thus drenching himself. The weather was cold on the day of filming, Andy wore a summer to brave the rain, the director was worried that he will fall sick thus he prepared many sets of clothes for Andy to changed into, however to save the trouble, Andy only use a towel to wipe himself after braving himself in the rain. On seeing the situation, the director requested Andy to change his clothes as he exclaimed that if Andy were to fall sick and unable to continue the shooting of his movie, he can't afford to compensate.

Although he need to brave in the rain for 3 hours, he quipped that it's not tough: "They're very kind to me as they increase my fee for this year, drenched by the rain is okay. With regards to how much they add? Haha, if counting water as fortune, if you can see how heavy the rain is in the commerical, then you'll know how much increase I have!" As it was a heavy rain with strong wind, he continues: "It's like that! The fees for this commercial is almost the same for me shooting a movie! If you say that drenched in rain is tough? Then how I find money to invest in HD movies?"

A romantic scenario of wooing a girl in the rain, has Andy tried before? He says that he's the one whom provided to the director but his story is not romantic as the director thinks that his story is too comical as if the guy to do as per stated in Andy's story, he surely cannot win the girl's heart, thus the part of waiting in the rain is used while the director develop the romantic himself. With regards to his failure of wooing a girl, he quipped: "When I was studying, I tried asking a girl out for shopping, that day was raining cats and dogs, as I stayed in Kowloon and not sure of the name of hotels. The girl asked me to wait for her at Central's Furama Hotel, I heard wrongly and waited for her at Kowloon's Miramar Hotel. We waited for each other at our particular location for half a day. I then explain to her and she doesn't believe that I waited for her. Sigh, of course I didn't make it although I really waited outside Miramar Hotel for a few hours and drenched myself, if she read this now, maybe she'll regret that she didn't believe me, Haha!"

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily News