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| Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Hollywood version of Infernal Affairs - The Departed had offically started shooting recently, director Martin Scorsese, male lead Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in New York for location shooting. The major difference between the Hong Kong and Hollywood version would be Inspector Wong played by Mark Wahlberg will become a killer of both sides.

On the location shooting set, Leonardo DiCaprio whom will be playing Tony Leung's role wore a hat to cover his face whereas Matt Damon appeared more steady as he walks wearing his police gun and badge. Actress Nelie Sciutto was also present at the set.

The Departed is still the project of Brad Pitt and his separated wife Jennifer Aniston Plan B Movie Production Company, collaborating with Warner Brothers and many other movie companies. Although they are separated, they're still the producers of this movie.

With regards to the cast, other than Leonardo DiCaprio as Tony Leung's Yan and Matt Damon as Andy Lau's Ming, 2 times Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson will be Eric Tsang's triad kingpin Sam whereas Mark Wahlberg will be Anthony Wong's Inspector Wong.

The script was written by The Kingdom of Heaven's William Monahan, the blueprint of the story was from Infernal Affairs but there are some differences from the original. The story was set in America's Boston, narrating the battle between triads and police, Matt Damon was a triad member whom get into the police school and his career took off after graduation. On the other side, Leonardo DiCaprio was a policeman whom become a mole in the triad but that kind of lifestyle disrupt his mental state as he become inbalance in good and evil.

When being interviewed earlier, Mark Wahlberg reveal the details of his character, he says: "I'm a cop, whom Leonardo and Matt reported to me, I'm a crazy killer, no matter it's good or evil, I kill everybody, we made changes to the script."

In addition, Infernal Affair's director Andrew Lau is very proud that his movie is remake by Hollywood as he revealed in a telephone interview: "From what I know, there isn't a big difference betwwen the Hong Kong and Hollywood version, maybe due to the different culture, some small parts need to be change, like we use the temple as the opening, but they use church, I hope the US version can be good, if it could be well recieved around the world, then as the originals, me and Alan Mak can be proud of ourselves."

When asked whether the copyright of Infernal Affairs II and III was being brought over, he says: "If the first movie does well, I believe there's a chance for me to show the script for Infernal Affairs II and III ."

news from: Apple Daily News