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| Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It decides also Infernal Affairs, large 3 section works of the Hong Kong movie which is hit finally complete. As for this work which starts from 10 months later of 1 section, it can unfold the performance battle of Leon Lai which appears focusing on Andy Lau, as a person of puzzle. Andy which plays the central person of this super Daisaku story was heard in Hong Kong.

* The work which remains in history of the Hong Kong movie

Q:From April 16th (Saturday) it is released and ' in Infernal Affairs III ' Hong Kong movie history remain, it thinks, that it became completion volume of 3 section works which, but will the your candid thought which is performed to the work how probably be?

Being to think, that the hero movie which, represents that times in every age it is it does, but that you can perform to this movie which represents 2000 it thinks that very it is honor. This is to remain in history of the Hong Kong movie.

Q:You think that some kind of influence was exerted ' as for the Infernal Affairs' 3 section works for Andy Lau?

The passion for my movie did not change directly. Because I originally like the movie. The kind of feeling which the road whose one is new by the fact that simply this movie is taken opened does. You think that movie one one is my myself artistic work, and, in regard to the movie which in the future is received, either one calls and is bad you think speaking unconditionally. In regard to this movie so is, but when most first the script house and supervising and story, it was not imaginative that everyone to here becomes good ones.

* The scene which remains in impression

Q:Via 3 section works, the existence, marry two comes out, but as for the marry these two you think that it is the existence which produces some kind of effect vis-a-vis the character, MING?

As for the character, this MING vis-a-vis love you think that it was attached enormously. This person was not accepted being very simple vis-a-vis love, therefore loving the alone person, after all. In addition, it is the case that the marry which in the sense that loves in two public attention by himself redoes, is. As yourself in addition there was a feeling that, we would like to redo, you think that it is such man.

Q:Through 3 section works, most just one please increase the scene which to impression remains.

Me myself ' I ' and ' III ' it is performed to 2, the scene that, but there being a scene which in both movie respectively remains in memory, when you say ' I ' to in regard, most by himself coming out of the elevator lastly, showing police proof, "we is the police". In addition, MING for the gun being at the hospital, ' III ' to in regard, the 3 place. The scene that trouble in your own feeling have appeared. That as yourself it remains enormously in impression.

* Humanity of MING

Q:Then, ' overture between Infernal Affairs II nothing ' to in regard how you were viewed?

That because it is the predecessor which describes the fact that you say whether MING why you become such human, development after this keeps knowing by looking at this, you think that the flow is something which very serves to reason.

Q:' II ' it enjoyed as the audience? Or you view as an orator increase high?

Because the predecessor and in the future directly was in the head, in such sense generally you knew ' II ' and ' III ' before taking from, it is something which life of this man how says. Because furthermore it is the case that story expands threely-dimensional with that. ' I ' when being possible, when the variety you want to have discussing the fact that past of the characters and it was something which future how says in the person of the audience. So, however it is the case that ' II ' and ' III ' it can do result partly due to the fact that you said.

* As for actual place pleasant atmosphere

Q:This time furthermore the member increasing, atmosphere and the like on of site very being to be an interest, it does, but. The movie itself very the strain Hari cool being to be feeling, it does, but really actual place was what feeling, it is probably will be?

It was pleasant enormously, is. Always, many people being in actual place, ' being I ' empty to be continued, everyone friend it put out, there is no their own turn, came to everyone play, there was a various food always, was very pleasant is.

Q:From now on ' Infernal Affairs III ' in the people whom you view message.

First, appreciation you say to everyone is supporting the Hong Kong movie truly. These ' Infernal Affairs' 3 section works have described those which one one are different respectively. Becoming ' I ' viewing, when ' II ' you see, you think that ' I ' furthermore likes, and, in addition it becomes ' III ' if viewing, ' I ' with among of hearts of the respective actor who is not recognized knows clearly you think that and, it becomes favorite the respective characters. We think that and, this ' Infernal Affairs' with you can like the whole movie which is said.

And this ' Infernal Affairs III ', everyone liking, because supporting, very it was possible to come to here. We ask the continuation and support may. And, please support also the Hong Kong movie!

news from: FLiX Movie Site