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| Tuesday, April 12, 2005

April 11th, promptly named 'Infernal Affairs III' the super premiere event was held at Tokyo & Shinjuku Milan cinema where Andy Lau, Andrew Lau, Felix Chong and Alan Mak and the were there to meet the fans.

The venue was jam packed with 1,000 fans and audience. When Andy walk pass the seat passage, onto the platform to introduce himself, the audience reacted with roars, cheers and applause.

When 4 persons are went onto the stage, first Andy says: "Being able come to Japan with Infernal Affairs III' is delightful, Don't you think? Everyone, as for pirate edition please do not see no matter what (laughing)" He continues, "In Hong Kong IA III was released some time ago, but finally it arrives in Japan, I'm so happy."

Alan Mak says: "Andy very has persevered because, if it can have being satisfied with everyone. The fact that everyone likes this movie is expected" Andrew exclaim his joy of the Japanese release.

Furthermore, 2 lucky fans amidst the 1,000 audiences as they are selected to go onto the platform to be handed present from Andy. Andy and company were also presented with bouquet of flowers from the organiser, the super premiere event is a success where they get seated to enjoy the Infernal Affairs III screening.

Furthermore, the super premiere event in Osaka on 14th has been sold-out completely already.

new from: http://www.infernal.jp/news/