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| Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This day, it went to Infernal Affairs shoes mausoleum 萋 ü press conference. At the beginning, being to be the schedule where Andy Lau and Kelly Chen visit Japan it does, but Kelly because of a sudden illness was absent, in addition Tony Leung for the hitting adjusting of the next work, starting was late and was not in time to press conference. Starring: Andy Lau, supervision producer: Andrew Lau and supervision script: Alan Mak.

The meeting place was done with Tokyo prince hotel park tower which it is not open formally. Being to be done at the cute place where the sea is visible it does, but the many mass communications ran to collection of data with the completion work of the popularity series and we had become the enormous crowd.

This time, being to hear the question which was collected with in reference, it does, but the question which you refer is introduced.

In order for mind of MING to collapse, it was beautiful. When this is played, looking at whatPlease teach whether, in addition what is referred.

Now in the work, you most the scene and the satisfaction which suffer hardship it to be possible,! With as for the scene which is thoughtIt probably is which scene?

Because it asked one stuffing first, as for the latest work of the cover stuffing whether that scene you thought and you could apply with those which in 3 section works remain in impression to the wind which is said. So, MING concerning the scene of the 3rd work answering, it increases.

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