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| Thursday, May 12, 2005

Peter Lam's invested movie - Child's Dream starring Andy Lau had started shooting in March but the image of "80-years-old" Andy had been kept under wraps, the movie company even set rules to prevent the image from leaking but our magazine manage to discover a "80-years-old" Andy photograph widely distributed in the Internet. His face is full of wrinkles and spots, it look so real as you have to applause the makeup effect!

The movie narrates a small boy grow to 83-years-old after taking a medicine, thus there are many scenes where Andy will appear with the makeup, every makeup session will take up 5 hours and need a highly concentrated alcohol to wipe clean his face thus resulting to infection near the chin area.

Just looking at this photograph, you can confirm how "good" the movie will be!

news from: Xpweekly