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| Friday, May 06, 2005

Johnathan Cheung Wing Hong had entered showbiz for 3 years, he had starred in Give Them A Chance, Infernal Affairs II and The Park. Johnathan exclaimed that he never thought of entering showbiz when he was still studying but when he went to learn kungfu after his graduation, his instructor happens to be a friend of Andy Lau thus he was signed up by TeamWork.

He says: "I'm always very proud of Andy, currently I still take note of what he does every year, I take him as my target, I hope I can be a Best Actor when I'm 40 years old, counting my fingers, I still have 17 years to reach my target."

He was once being referred as the god-son of Andy, does it makes him unhappy? He says: "He bring me into this business, when people remember of him first would be natural. Of course I feel pressurise! Lucky I've no problem with my own name, scared that it would affect others."

news from: SingTao News