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| Saturday, April 30, 2005

From 1 May, Eastern Harbour Tunnel will increase its toll fees with all Hongkongers being affected in some way or another, even Heavenly King Andy Lau express that he'll stop using the tunnel for some time, however he object to Legislative Council Member Leung Kwok-hung holding a banner to block the entrance of the tunnel, he says: "He should have done that on 1 May, now he had become a hinderance to Hongkongers."

Andy was interviewed by Commercial Radio's Teapot Meal. With regards to Leung Kwok-hung holding a banner to block the Eastern Harbour Tunnel yesterday, Andy doesn't support his actions as it affect Hongkongers, furthermore the toll fees yet to increase yesterday, if he wanted to do it, he should have do it on 1 May, as his actions resulted traffic jam.

On the other side, Andy thinks that Leung's objection to the toll increase is correct as Andy will also be not using the tunnel for some time after the toll increase, he says: "I think I'll wait till the New Hong Kong Tunnel Company Limited fail to earn any money, currently Eastern Harbour Tunnel is trying to force us to accept the toll increase, maybe we'll accept it in the end but it's time for us to vent our frustration."

Earlier Deanie Yip had exclaimed that if Andy is free, he could attend her concert which will touched her, however Andy would hope to become her concert's special performing guest, he says: "I plead her to give me a chance to be her special performing guest, I can be the guest of any show, except her show!"

He even quipped: "Maybe I should train with Anthony Lun secretly and force myself onstage, when she's changing her costume, I'll go onstage, when she finished changing, I'll leave the stage, Haha! Or even before the opening when the lights are still off, I could perform first (her concert also has a 15-minutes toilet break?) Toilet breaks performance is okay with me, (what will you perform?) Let me think about it!"

With regards to Deanie request all audience to be puntual, Andy agreed with her and pointed out that it's not a good thing when audience are late, it's worst when singers kick off their concert late, he says: "Late, late, later we can't even do our show, the singers should reflect of themselves, should not put the blame on makeup and hair stylist!"

In addition, Andy and Pak Sheut Si went to watch Kowloon West King City (literally translated) where Pak run aways when she sees reporters.

Meanwhile, due to the 100th year anniversary of Chinese Film, there's a voting for My Favourite Actor and Actress, Andy whom was one of the nominees expressed that he's not confidence as his choices are Bruce Lee, Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung for actors and Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung and Wu Chien Lien for actress.

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News