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| Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, Andy Lau and Chan Po Chu came out top among the mothers in a Commercial Radio 2005 Mother's Most Filial Male and Female Artiste.

The voting sent invitation to listeners of mother status to vote by calling in, Andy came out top but he would like to share his title with Chow Yun Fat as he thinks that Chow is very filial. On Mother's Day, he'll stay at home to accompany his mother. As her migrated sisters had returned to Hong Kong, thus the whole family will have a meal together. In previous years, he'll give present to his mother, there's no exception this year. He says: "My mother always dislike the present that I gave her, I've tried bring clothes and handbags back for exchange, I also tried buying mushrooms and seafood, but my mother asked me not to buy as she told me that I can never get a better price than her."

news from: Ta Kung Pao