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| Thursday, May 05, 2005

Zhang Ziyi whom was described as 'China's gift to Hollywood' won praise from Andy Lau, when interviewed in a radio station programme he says: "She's great, she has great PR skills, she was yet popular when I know her, she even entrust Zhang Yimou to get an autograph from me. (So you think she's good?) As an artiste, out of 10 marks I'll give her 9 marks."

Among those whom also got 9 marks were Cecilia Cheung, Sammi Cheng and Charlene Choi, Andy added: "Hope Charlene can be more mature." With regards to his personal actresses with 10 marks, he says: "Maggie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan and Jacqualine Wu."

Andy also reveal that his asking price had increased to HK$10 million from HK$8 million, he had accepted 3 new movie offers and he quipped: "Some bosses refuse to give me that amount! For Hong Kong artiste, it may considered expensive."

As Andy once exclaimed that he won't be investing in movies but he's currently investing in HD movies. Andy quipped that he'll only invest on his own and not collaborate with others.

In an earlier online voting for the Hong Kong version of Jewl in the Palace, both himself and Zhang Ziyi was chosen as the main leads as they garned the highest votes. With regards to Zhang Ziyi winning movie awards and picked for the female lead of Jewl in the Palace, Andy exclaim that she had her charisma, as he once collaborate with her before, he feel that she was very involved in her work and also wanted to improve herself. Andy knows that he is her idol as she once asked Zhang Yimou to help her get an autograph from me before she become popular. When she was still a student, she could not afford to buy the tickets to Andy's concert, she will dance for the security guard in hoping to let her into the concert.

Andy express that the real meaning behind his new song - 'Wo Tak Lei' is I Love You. When asked if he found his "cup of tea", will he forgo his career, he says: "Till then, my career will be changed from a huge matter to a small matter! However I won't be doing this as my career is part of my life." He added that he believe the one whom love him will know that he's happy only if he's working, it doesn't require to accompany your loved ones for 24 hours.

In addition, Anthony Wong was initially cast to be Andy's father in his new movie Child's Dream but Andy feel that Anthony is not suitable thus it was changed to Felix Wong. With regards to this, Andy exclaim that Anthony is not quite suitable for the role. When asked if he's worried that he'll anger Anthony, Andy says that he did told him and sing praise to him that he's a good and frank person, however he'll always be misunderstood as he do things anxiously.

news from: Sun News, Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News