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| Friday, May 06, 2005

The copyright of hit song - Mouse Love Rice was bought by EMG and Twins were arranged to sing the Cantonese version, however Andy Lau was one step faster than Twins to sing this song!

The reporter discover a Andy pirated VCD in Guangzhou which has more than 30 low quality music videos, one of the song being Mouse Love Rice and states that it was sang by Andy!

The pirates wrote the Cantonese lyrics and ask for a cover singer and quoted the song sang by Andy, the music video of 'Chang Yan Dao' was used for Mouse Love Rice which is ridiculous!

With regards to this, Andy's management company's spokesman Ms Tam says: "It's impossible for Andy to sing this song because Andy is afraid of mouse, his hair will stand once he sing it, maybe he could sing Andy Loves Bowling!"

In addition, the song Mouse Love Rice had been popular in Hong Kong as it's the number one dedicated song in several KTV charts, the original Internet singer Wong Kai Men had been arranged to attend a RTHK programme at the end of the month to make his first appearance.

news from: Sun News