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| Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Recently, many Hong Kong's newspapers received a secret email from Eric Ip with the content of Andy Lau's 80-years-old makeup looks in the movie Child's Dream. However, the movie company expressed that they never distributed any photographs and they made an announcement yesterday stating that many of Andy's photographs in Child's Dream were being stolen and had reported to the Hong Kong police, they also plea the media not to publish photographs from unknown sources.

Andy expressed that he'll leave the matter to the police and hope to find out the reason behind the stolen photographs. Director Chan Tak Sum was also annoyed at the incident, he says: "When I was told when I returned from Thailand last week, I was unhappy and stunned, I and Andy were very serious about these photographs and had discussed that we will distribute to the media later, we have photographs ranging from 1-80 years old, with some incident happen, I feel that it's unfair, the movie company will investigate on this matter."

Child's Dream will finish shooting at the end of April, currently it's undergoing post production. Andy's old makeup looks had been considered as top secret thus he always meet the fans with his own looks. It is because the investing company Media Asia had invested heavily to hire the makeup artiste whom had collaborate with Andy in Running On Karma for the old look's makeup, they are banking on it as the selling point for the movie.

With the photographs being stolen, Andy express that he wants to know the reason and take legal actions against misuse and violation of copyright. Meanwhile, spokesman of Andy's company - Focus Group had expressed that if anyone had received photographs from unreliable sources, please do not use them and should immediately contact them or the police to assist in investigation.

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