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| Saturday, May 14, 2005

It was Friday the 12 yesterday as a big joke was being played. Around 12 midnight, there was allegations that a megastar was being brought in to Mongkok police station for procession of drugs. The news spreaded through showbiz and to the media, after some time, it was alleged to be Andy Lau which shocked everyone.

Our reporter immediatedly went to check but Andy was having steamboat in his house, when told of the allegations, he burst into laughters and doesn't want to explain, he went to sleep after filling his stomach.

While Andy's assitant was busy answering calls to clarify the matter, the victim was changed to Leon Lai then to Andy Hui, which is rather chaotic, thus the reporters went to Mongkok police station to wait for news. Leon later denies the matter while Andy Hui was in Mainland China. After waiting till night falls, the police and reporters dismissed and the matter was dissolved, it seems that someone played prank on Friday the 13th.

Although some younger celebrities were being caught for drug procession, but Andy and Leon whom had healthy image were being dragged into, which is rather disappointing, if discovered, the person whom started the allegation would be dead.

news from: Apple Daily News