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| Friday, June 10, 2005

Mainland China's Internet hit song - Mouse Love Rice continues to be a hit in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Earlier when Andy Lau meet up with one of the song's singer Wang Qiwen, he told him: "Your mouse is supreb." Even some production house had bought the copyright of Mouse Love Mice TV drama with the cast confirmed of Ambrose Hsu and Tammy Chen.

Downloaded more than a billion times, there are already close to 40 versions of Mouse Love Rice and one of them being the "heavenly king version" where the chinese approached a person to cover using Andy's ways of singing to sing the song. Although Andy never heard the "heavenly king version" before but when asked, he quipped: "I won't sing this song as I'm afraid of mouse." Wang Qiwen is currently the only Chinese singers to be invited to performed in TVB's Jade Solid Gold and he was lucky to be on the same stage with Andy.

When Wang were to go onstage to perform after Andy, it was heard that Andy stand up and urge the audience to applause for Wang. With the support of the heavenly king, the audience's spirit is high, when the music of Wang's song started, loud applause followed. After Wang's performance, Andy raise his thumb up for him.

Mouse Love Rice download:

  • "Andy Lau" version

  • "Andy Lau + Jacky Cheung + Wu Bai + others" version

  • news from: udnnews