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| Monday, June 06, 2005

Previous night, Shawn Yue performed the first of the year's California Red 903 Hit 4 on Fire Concert, it was also his first solo concert.

When all the special guest performer had appeared, the music of Infernal Affairs started and Shawn prepared to sing the song, however he noticed that the audience were cheering and screaming as he turned his back to have a look, surprisingly he spotted Andy Lau appeared in the corner of the stage. Shawn appeared stunned and shocked as his face is experessionless and doesn't know what to say as he kneel on the floor.

On seeing the situation, Andy walks towards Shawn and held him up, he said: "Not only that you can be without this movie, I also cannot be without this movie, so do you feel what this song lacks? I think it lacks something? Do you mind I duet the song with you?" Shawn agree immediately: "Don't play with me lar! I never tried crying on stage....."

After finishing the duet, Shawn again show his gratitude towards Andy, where Andy encourage him: "This is only the beginning, see you next time in the Hong Kong Coliseum."

Andy express that he befriend Shawn from the movie - Infernal Affairs but he did notice Shawn when he was shooting the Taiwanese drama Love Book and mistaken him as a Taiwanese. Actually he was here to support Shawn's first solo concert and initially wanted to take the initiative to be his performing guest but the organiser request to give Shawn a surprise.

When talked about Shawn's Hip-Hop dance performance, Andy praise "Very good! He could handle himself well for his first concert. I remembered for my first concert with Alex Toh, Prudence Lau and Sandy Lam, they rehearse for 20 hours while I rehearse for only 2 hours as I was busy filming, thinking back, then was just selling idols, hahaha."

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily News, Sun News, SingPao