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| Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Andy Lau donated HK$100,000 to support Hong Kong's Protect Student's Eye activity yesterday as he revealed that before his myopic surgery (LASIK), he had to wear his contact lenses when filming overnight which is terrible. He also revealed that he was found to have high cholesterol in his routine health screening and he has to watch his diet.

Being "Protect Eye Artiste", Andy appeared at Kowloon City's Argyle Street Hospital Authority Building to attend Hong Kong's Protect Student's Eye activity, using his charity fund to donate HK$100,000 in support of the activity.

In the activity, Andy talked about the importance of taking care of eyesight as he revealed that he had LASIK done 7-8 years, he says: "I did LASIK almost the same period with Rosamund Kwan, in the past I was wearing contact lenes when filming overnight, most horrible was that I need to remove myself after knock off."

Andy also express that his health is most important as he's past 40 years old, earlier he went for a health screening and found out that he had high cholesterol, he says: "I inherit to have high cholesterol , the highest was 6.8, had to cut down eating my favorite peanuts, broccoli, bamboo shoot, eel and fish."

With Dragon Boat Festival near, Andy express that he'll eat the healthy food specially prepared from home for the festival, he says: "I'll be spending the festival at home, I know how to make rice dumplings which will have less pork, no salty eggs would make it more healthy, most important is to add some brown sugar would taste better."

In addition, Andy was asked if he will be attending Chapman To and Tin Yui Lee wedding today? He says: "I'll attend, he told me cash is the best for gift, other than money, I'll also write a calligraphy for him, the meaning will be that most importantly, both must understand each other when living together." With regards to Sandra Ng's remark that Chapman shouldn't get married if he's poor, Andy quipped that he rather people get together than separate, they can made decision of their own life. When asked if he's worried that they'll sell away the gift calligraphy, Andy quipped: "I'm not worried of Chapman, I'm worry of Tin!"

As Father's Day is round the corner, Andy express that his father's birthday is around the same time as his fan club gathering, thus he'll celebrate the 3 occassion together. His father loves to drink champagne but he'll also drink till "chock". He'll be searching for his father's favourite checked shirt and a red packet for his father.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Pao