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| Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Karen Mok whose concert will be kicking off soon had earlier rehearse a hot dance number with Andy Lau, was rehearsing on 6 June with another special guest performer Leo Ku as they duet the song - 'Da Xiong'. When asked that there isn't any special about her performance with Leo as she should invite her boyfriend Stephen Fung to perform magic, Karen quipped: "He's very expensive!"

Other than Leo and Andy, Karen also invited a secret guest performer who is also her old friend Daniel Wu. A delighted Karen express: "Daniel gave his first to me in the Coliseum, it's his virgin performance there! I'll have a sexy dance related performance with him. Daniel has high requirement thus had rehearse with him much earlier, he's very hardworking." There's reports that Karen was lucky to have invited two handsome guys in Daniel and Andy as guest. She quipped: "Ya! I'm so lucky!"

When asked what benefit will Leo gain as Karen's guest? Leo exclaim: "I envy Karen who can touch Andy's chest during the concert, I do hope that I could too!" When asked if Karen is not attractive enough as he rather touch Andy's chest rather than Karen? Leo immediately explains: "Nope, don't ever think of it, I only wish to hug or just a kiss would be enough."

Karen who happen to walk past and was told by the reporter that Leo thinks that she's not attractive as he doesn't wish to touch her, she doesn't mind it and praise Leo: "That's obedient of him!"

news from: Sina.com