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| Saturday, June 04, 2005

Megastar Andy Lau whom had just meet face to face with his look-alike in the wax figure in Hong Kong which forms a comical image but do you know, in the realistic world, there is a new artiste in Mainland China whom look almost the same as Andy and he will be involved (playing Andy) in the soon-to-be shooting movie that narrates Andy's love relationship with Yu Kexin, let's take a look how similiar they look?

Listen to the voice carefully and look at the face clearly, who is this person? Mainland China artiste Du Yi Heng says: "Hello everybody, I'm Du Yi Heng."

Can you see it? He's not Andy Lau, he's a new artiste from Mainland China whom normally perform as Andy, let's compare, his face and features indeed does look like Andy. With this condition, it allows him to be selected to play Andy of those years in the movie of Andy's love relationship with Yu Kexin whom Yu bagged several millions for selling her copyright.

Du Yi Heng says: "Playing him would be different from what we see him on the screen, on the screen you get to see him being cool, but in real life, he's very active, happy-going and humourous person."

In the past when he impersonate Andy, the most east teaching material would be buying his movies and concert DVDs but Du Yi Heng says that this time round he won't be watching Andy's performance but would communicate with Ye Kexin to understand the real Andy Lau and act out his exciting life.

For the end result, the audience would have to wait till they watched the movie.

news from: TVBS