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| Monday, June 06, 2005

Shawn Yue and Fiona Sit perform in a min-concert for Commercial Radio as they put on their best performance.

Other than singing his own love songs, Shawn also prepared some fast numbers and dance while he sing. Shawn whom was a poor dancer managed to perform his dance successfully and won the appulase from the audience. When he was preparing to sing the theme song of Infernal Affairs, unexpectedly, one of the male lead - Andy Lau appeared onstage which surprised Shawn and he was so touched that he kneel onstage with teary eyes. They hugged each other before duet the theme song of Infernal Affairs together.

Meanwhile for his other guest, Chapman To was more hard to tackle as he's more out-spoken on the allegation that Shawn and Edison Chen were not at good terms with each other. Chapman supported Shawn as he pointed out that Shawn is a good man as he's hardworking and a keen learner, whereas Edison has no advantage to him as Edison was chosen to play the young Andy but Shawn should be more suitable as Shawn is as hardworking as Andy, after together for some time, he feel that Andy and Shawn are the same as both their former girlfriends will come out to "sing" about them after broken off. Then, Shawn stopped Chapman from carry on his speech as fear that he'll say something wrong.

Later, Shawn revealed that Chapman was only trying to create some atmosphere and hope everybody will understand and not mind what he had said.

news from: tungstar.com, sina.com