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| Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Congratulation! Chapman To and Tin Yui Lee ended their 6 years relationship as they held their wedding to become husband and wife yesterday under the witness of friends and relatives at Hotel Inter-Continental Hong Kong's swimming pool side.

At 10:35AM, Chapman set off with his "brothers" which includes Shawn Yue, Wong Jing, Anthony Wong, Patrick Tam, Alan Mak and special guest Andy Lau board Rolls Royces from Chapman's Kadoorie apartment to Tsim Sha Tsui's Hotel Inter-Continental to pick up his bride.

The group of "sisters" which include Sandra Ng, Emme Wong, Cherrie Ying, Gaile Lok, Stephanie Che and Kary of Cookies were waiting for the arrival of the groom to go through rounds of games before returning to Kadoorie for the tea ceremony and ceremony at the hotel.

During the receiving bride proceeding, with the Andy as the 'trump card', it send the "sisters" tipsy as Sandra expose that Chapman had prepared HK$100,000 as the bride price but the "sisters" only asked for HK$9,999 which Sanra quipped: "The sisters are such a failure, no planning at all!" However, a final price of HK$19,999 was decided as the expenditure for the wedding capped within 7-figure. The final figure of HK$19,999 symbolise that Chapman and Tin started dating in 1999 and their marriage be forever ('99' in chinese is 'jiu jiu' - long long).

Around 2:00 pm, Chapman and Tin carried out their marriage registration ceremony at the hotel's swimming pool side. More than 100 relatives and friends cheered when Tin whom was wearing a low-cut wedding dress entered the venue with the companion of her father. Air bubbles were being blown to make the venue romantic.

During the exchange of vows, Tin appeared emotional as she break into tears 3 times whereas Chapman appeared nervous and smile most of the time. Then, the wedding is complete after the exchange of rings and kiss for 3 times.

When asked why he's expressionless, Chapman explains: "I can't sleep last night, I've prepared myself and drank 2 cups of red wine but I woke up again around 3:00 am, I'm afraid that I can't collect my bride." When asked if he specially invited Andy, Chapman said: "We had arranged all along, just that Andy wanted to give all a surprise! (aren't you afraid that Andy will snatch all the limelight?) With him around, who can snatch the limelight!"

more pictures here and here!

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, MingPao