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| Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Japanese drama White Tower which starred Eguchi Yousuke and Karasawa Toshiaki had once mesmerised Hongkongers will be re-shoot by Taiwanese director Cai Yue and the male lead will be Jerry Yen.

A press conference was held in Taiwan yesterday where the director and main cast attended. Jerry changed his fiery dragon character and was praised by the media for his high EQ. Jerry admits that he learnt it from Andy Lau.

Jerry whom admit that he had changed says: "Actually human do grows up, when I was shooting Magical Kitchen in Hong Kong, when I saw Andy's working attitude, although being a heavenly king, even he's tired, he won't show it as he will still maintain his friendly attitude, he take care of everybody at the set, his EQ is very high, looking at him I can see that I'm immature, Andy gave me a large inspiration."

news from: SingPao