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| Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Since their collaboration in A World Without Thieves, Andy Lau, Ge You and Feng Xiaogang had planned to collaborate again in Entertain Everybody (literally translated) which will begin shooting next month.

The movie will narrates how paparazzi in Mainland China disclose the privacy of artistes. It was heard that Feng had approach Carina Lau to join the cast and the movie could be invested by Media Asia. The script will be written by a Chinese scriptwriter, Pang Ho Lai be asking to write the situation of Hong Kong paparazzi thus making the movie more complete.

Several movie companies had already use paparazzi as theme for movies, in Hollywood, Mel Gibson's Paparazzi will be screened in Hong Kong in September, whereas in Hong Kong, we have Tony Leung Kar Fai's Fear of Intimacy which doesn't do well in the box office.

When asked if he had accepted to be cast in the movie, Andy says: "I did discuss with Feng before, but the script had yet reach his requirement, thus we are yet to confirm on shooting this movie."

news from: Apple Daily News