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| Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Andy Lau, Yumiko Cheng and Wang Qiwen performed at TVB's Jade Solid Gold previous night. Andy appeared in a white shirt with black pants and tie.

His new song - 'Wo Tak Nei' become the number song in JSG. He also sang his old songs - An Mo Nu Lang and Wang Qing Shui live in jazz as he express: "I'm Man In Black, as I'm going to sing Jazz, it would be better to have a glass of red wine, but one prohibit to drink at this time slot." At the end of the programme, he almost had a fall when he was running up the stairs.

Andy whom had collaborate with Anthony Wong several times talked about his recent remarks on Jay Chou lack of acting skill in the movie Initial D and several deejays talks in a lazy manner, he show support to Anthony as he says: "I think he should stop being interview for the time being, surely he's a good guy, but had to add a 'strange' word in front, he means no harm, he had disturb me for more than 10 years, always comments that I don't know how to sing or act, but then nobody spread the news around, now being popular as he's a Best Actor, he's dead!"

Andy revealed that he always quarrel with Anthony until they were shooting Armageddon, as they wanted to study each other's acting thus they asked the director to act out a quarrel scene using their own dialogue as they're really angry of one another, thus they've to end the scene with "supper". Andy added: "After that incident, Anthony begin to comment that I show improvement."

Andy express that Anthony had not changed his way of scolding people but he just that he become more out-spoken now. With regards to Anthony does not admit to what he said, Andy thinks: "I don't know, if he had changed, he's no longer the old Anthony that I know, I was sad reading the articles, it damage his image."

Anthony once comment that Metro Radio's deejays were not clear in their pronunciation, Andy explains for him: "He graduate from arts, he stress on it, however we can't do anything on trend, sometimes when I was recording for a song, the producer asked me not to be too accurate in my pronunciation." Andy exclaim that he had a telephone conversation with Anthony whom express his unhappiness, he says: "I think his hurting words were being used as promotion, his intentions are good, but there's problem in his expression."

Wong Jing praise Andy is sincere to movies

Meanwhile, Wong Jing have a new comdey Kung Fu Mahjong to be screened next month was interviewed, when asked that it was 5 years ago that he shot a comedy, if he feel that comedy are not doing well in Hong Kong. He explains: "It's hard to film a comedy, thus all younger directors will avoid them and chose to shoot artistic movies. (Did you see any upcoming young director?) Their standard are poor, when compared, they'll lose out to new directors from Mainland China. (With regards to Andy Lau investing to promote new directors, what's your view?) Very positive, enthusiastic and sincere, but still have to see the end result, Andy is one of the few that had a heart for movies, he'll return back what he had gained from movies."

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