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| Thursday, June 02, 2005

Designed by Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the latest Asia's superstar Andy Lau's wax figure equipped with "heartbeat" was recently sent from London to Hong Kong and it's open for viewing to the public on 1 June.

Earlier, Andy specially dropped by the museum to become the first visitor of his latest wax figure, the figure looks exactly as Andy, the heartbeat is also very interesting, you could feel the heartbeat when you place your hand on the figure, you could also hear the heartbeat if you lend against the figure.

With $10 million, Madame Tussauds create the first Asian wax figure with heartbeat, without any consideration of other artistes, they wanted Andy to be the first one as Andy is the megastar whom's the most beloved and highest popularity throughout Asia. The museum chose to use Andy's MING image in Infernal Affairs, they also create an office for "him", thus visitors will have a feeling of visiting the set of Infernal Affairs. To be able to meet MING face to face, it's believed that it's the fans' dream and the public favourite exhibition spot.

In MING's office, there is a computer where visitor could use it to browse through different photographs of Andy in Infernal Affairs, they could also open the secret file which will provide instruction guide on how to feel the wax figure's heartbeat.

When Andy visit the museum, he was very curious of his new figure as he placed his hand on it to feel the heartbeat, then he lend onto the figure to hear the heartbeat, he laughs: "Never before that I'm so close to myself, so refreshing." With regards to the wax figure, Andy can only describe it as realistic, before he use a camera to take a picture with the figure.

As he seldom had the chance to visit the museum, he seize the chance to walk one round and suggested to the museum that if they are interested, they could create figures of him in other movies, like the fatso in Love On A Diet or his character in Running On Karma, believed it'll attract many visitors to take pictures, the muesum also thinks that it's a good idea as it'll be take into consideration when creating new figures.

Hong Kong's Madame Tussauds Wax Museum's marketing and development manager Ms Mak expressed: "We're honored that Andy assist us to complete this latest wax figure, the most special is the highly tender skin and heartbeat effect, other than another similiar figure in Amsterdam, Andy is the first in Asia. As visitors could get contact with Andy's heartbeat, we will have maintenance staff to take care of the figure to keep it clean and mantain it, preventing it from getting damaged after many contacts thus affecting Andy's image."

Ms Mak continues: "Asia's first Andy's wax figure is the first to be presented in an interactive manner, other than taking photographs with Andy, visitors can also get close with Andy, believed it'll attract many visitors."

In addition, Jewl in the Box actress Lee Young Ae whom create a commotion when she was in Hong Kong, Commercial Radio did a public survey on the Korean wave hit Hongkongers with the topic set as "Which Hong Kong actor most suitable to be in a love movie with Lee Young Ae?" Tony Leung Chiu Wai came out top while Andy is second with 34% of the votes.

news from: Sina.com, Tak Kung Pao, Sun News, Apple Daily News