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| Friday, June 03, 2005

Since March this year, Commercial Radio's "Koreanstorm Attacks Hong Kong" started a survey for Hongkongers in Hong Kong's largest Korean fan website - Koeantorm.com. Other than the weekly round up of Korean entertainment news, fans can also go online to vote for their favourite.

This week's topic being " Whom you think is the most suitable Hong Kong male artiste to star in a love story with Lee Yeung Ae?" In the end, Tony Leung defeat his "arch-enemy" Andy Lau to become the best choice for the netizens.

The end results of the survey shows Daniel Wu at number 6 with 2%, Stephen Chow at number 5 with 3%, it seems that everybody would like to see the "Comedy King" romancing Lee Yeung Ae! At number 4 is Takashi Kaneshiro with 9% while Leon was number 3 with 12%.

The top 2 are more competitive with Andy Lau at number 2 with 34% whereas at number 1 is Tony Leung whom had battle for life and death in the movie Infernal Affairs. With his moody eyes and charisma, Tony won the hearts of Korean fans with 39% of the votes to become the the most suitable Hong Kong male artiste to star in a love story with Lee Yeung Ae.

In addition, when Lee Yeung Ae was interviewed during her visit to Hong Kong earlier, when asked which Hong Kong actor that she wished to collaborate, she also chose Tony, it seems that he rightfully owns the right to win among the other male artistes.

news from: SingPao