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| Thursday, July 28, 2005

On 24 July 2005, heavenly king Andy Lau whom was wearing a medical officer uniform appeared upon reporters to talk about his latest movie - All About Love, occassionally striking a few poses. In this self-invested love story movie, Andy played 2 different characters being a hair stylist and doctor with Charlie Yueng and Charlene Choi as his wives. Andy admits that the movie is not a commerical movie as his main aim is to satisfy his love for movies as earning money is not his priority.

When interviewing Andy, it seems that all the reporters of Hong Kong were present as during the 1 hour interview, the venue was crowded with reporters however Andy didn't put up any airs. For this new movie, he introduce it as a joint production of his Focus Films and Media Asia, purely a love story, he'll be acting as a doctor and hair stylist, the movie's theme is "Gold on to what you have, cherish the present, give your true love, it's difficult to chase love or regret about it". He exclaimed that the script was brought by director Daniel Yu and everybody likes it, "Many of you might not know, Daniel was my classmate in secondary school, he helped me shot a few music videos in the past, thus he can be considered as a new director, I feel that there is no pressure when collaborating with your old classmate, thus I've the confidence to pass this project to him."

Having invested HK$20 million, had a love story theme, not a commercial movie, looking at the current market, Andy said surprisingly: "I never thought of earning money, I did some calculation, some copyright fees had already gurantee some earnings for the movie, even if I would to lose HK$4000,000, I'll still do this movie for myself."

Andy then introduce himself to the reporters: "This is the 2 characters that I played in the movie - Dr Kao and hair stylist Derek." The difference for these 2 characters to Andy is rather troublesome as Dr Kao is clean shaven whereas not Derek, thus for the past 2 months, he always ponders whether to shave or not to shave when he wake up in the morning.

He says: "Today, I'm the combination of both characters, the reason is the convience for all to take photographs, if not there won't be any headlines, it might be tough to write the report."

He added: "Dr. Kao is a man that could only exist in a novel and the unrealistic world of the movies, as he's always faithful to his loved one, seeking perfection, meanwhile hair stylist Derek is the man in the realistic world, love his wife very much, wife is sick and will put all his effort to take care of her, there are times of feeling tired and impatience, he hold on for very long, and finally left her."

Andy express that the men in the real world is the same as Derek as he's imperfect but realistic, meanwhile Dr Kao is a perfect man. Talking about his own life, Andy express that his own life is also very realistic, not one without any temper, he'll vent his anger at times when at work, as venting of anger does not solve any problem.

Although Andy had few allegations as compared to other artistes, but former girlfriend Yu Kexin revealed their old relationship in a book, with regards to this matter, it seems that Andy didn't made any comment, but Andy did comment for the first time, he says: "Actually the incidents had happened and remained, I feel that there's no need to comment on it, I know that when I comment once, many allegations will follows, I feel that it's nonsences to dragged myself into it."

When talked about the female lead, Andy quipped that both of them are very busy as Charlene had many commercials on hand, meanwhile Charlie need to do promotions for Seven Swords, he's the one with the most time as he'll be waiting at the shooting venue for their free schedule.

Andy then revealed to reporters that both himself and Charlene were anxious when shooting the kissing scene due to their huge age gap, but they did kiss without any thoughts, he discover that age is not a problem in love. He joked that his kiss with Charlene was not good enough, he hope to have another chance whereby Charlene played a loose woman, then she might be more open.

news from: Sina.com