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| Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wong Lee Hom and Jay Chou had directed their own music video but Andy Lau doesn't admires them as he turn down the role of a director, he says: "I like acting better and enjoy it more."

With regards to him cracking his brains for his music video like he did in his latest video - Wei Zhi Shu which was complete during the shooting of his movie - All About Love. Shooting the music video and movie at the same time, Andy was busy with checking the camera angles and thoughts of picture.

At the end of the year, Andy will start shooting on a new movie titled Mo Zi Gong Yue, recently, there was an email circulating in the Internet which pointed out the drawing of the looks of Mo Zi in a textbook as Mo Zi's look resemble Andy as if it was him wearing the head gear!

After seeing that picture, Andy was also surprised as he says: "Why he looked like me?" As Andy was busy rehearsing for his concerts but Andy still find time to jet over to Taiwan for the celebration of his album whose sale is doing well.

news from: Apple Daily News