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| Wednesday, August 24, 2005

For his latest Mandarin album - Say I Love You One More Time, despite being an heavenly king, Andy Lau was like a newcomer as he went to different countries for promotion, his hardwork and professionalism is for all to see. Earlier, one of his promotion stop at Fudan University, Andy reveal that he won't be a mentor as he exclaimed: "Because when I'm the mentor, I'll scold people."

Some students asked him: "Do you have any turning point in life?" Andy gave a thought before revealing that he had a unforgettable mentor-student relationship, "Then, I wish to become a director, thus I venture into that area, then one day, my mentor suddenly tell me that I'm more suitable for acting. In the end, I take his advice and change." From then on, no matter how busy he was, Andy will still visit this mentor.

After being in showbiz for so many years, always being hardworking, he was asked by reporters if he had any thoughts of taking in disciple? Andy replies: "I can discuss problems with others, but I won't teach them as I'll scold people." Andy's suggestion to youngster that if they're interested in showbiz, they must first find a good mentor and secondly, don't always complaint, "because when one complaint, the matter will be dragged further."

After Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li's venture into Hollywood, recently Tony Leung also signed on with an American manager getting ready to venture overseas, with so many good friends in showbiz venturing overseas, Andy exclaimed: "It's not that I don't want to go to Hollywood, but was waiting for a suitable script. If I met a good script, I'll take it if I've the chance, the best actir won't run away."

news from: Sina.com