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| Monday, August 01, 2005

Andy Lau's latest Mandarin album - Say I Love You Again will be release this Thursday, the main track was well recieved in the Internet and broadcast in radio stations. Recently Andy began the shooting of the second song - A Lesson on Cruelty (literally translated).

The music video narrates Andy as Doctor Kao, he spend the whole night in the hospital when his wife Charlene Choi passed away, being too tired, he took a nap and missed the chance to spend the last moment with his wife.

During the shooting, he personally shot the scene where he need to slip and fall on a slippery floor, he fall close to 10 times before satisfy the director's requirement. As most of the time Andy's head reaches the ground first, thus his head was swollen.

On seeing the situation, the crew members gave him a cold towel to reduce the swelling, Andy says: "Always fall on the ground with strength, initially scared that I'll hurt myself, thus I'm careful, but the effect was not good, thus I care less and fall onto the ground, it's really painful! There's sound of 'pang pang', even the director was shocked as he told me that the scene can be given a miss, but I persist to carry on as I can't give up, I never thought that it will be swollen, but I endure the pain and finish the scene."

Andy also expressed the scene of snowing was more difficult as the man-made snow from the machine taste rather toxic, he ate some of the man-made snow when he sing, even his nose was stuffed with snow which result to breathing problems and had to shout for cut to clean his nose and mouth.

In addition, Charlie Yeung guest star in the music video and endure the "eating" of man-made snow with Andy, she says: "It looked very nice when watching Andy in the scene with the snow, never knew that the smell of man-made snow was so bad, made one hard to breathe, Andy still can smile to me, I take my hats off to him. No wonder people always said that a price must be paid to obtain romantic."

As Andy played 2 different characters in the movie, although he feel that he looked rather man with moustache and thought of keeping it for awhile, but every crew member thinks that he looked better clean shaven thus he had to shave and return to his original state.

Andy will have 3 autograph session in Taiwan, he will be at Ximen Ding's Red Theatre at 6 August 2:00pm, 7:30pm at Taichung's Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Kaohsiung's Hanshin on 7 August at 12:30pm.

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