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| Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Last Sunday, Andy Lau was at Fudan University to attend its 100th anniversary celebration activity. News of Andy attending the activity had being spread around the university, with lecturers informing students and vice versa, even students from other school would like to get into the hall to get close contact with Andy.

Around 2:00pm, Andy arrives at the university where many students were waiting for his arrival, crew members had to fence off the students in order for the car to drive on, the students kept shouting his name, this shows how the students adore Andy. When Andy arrived at the hall, he found out that its 3 levels were jam packed, screams welcome Andy as he exit from the car. After some protection from the securities, Andy manage to get into the hall as the crowd outside the hall begins to try squeeze themselves into the hall as the securities had to call for more help to maintain order.

Around 3:00pm, 2 comperes from Shanghai's Oriental Music Channel appeared onstage to introduce Andy to appear where flashes from cameras of the media and students follows, the gaint screen begins to broadcast the VCR of Andy's new album. During the chat with the 2 comperes, Andy express that he was currently preparing for his concert tour and the shooting of Mo Zi Gong Yue, they also discussed about his new album. Andy seize the chance to promote his album, citing the hardship he encountered during the filming of the music video where there was a heavy rain, got bitten by mosquitoes, hit his head against the floor, fake snow resulting in breathing problems, he expressed that he was not sure how he was promoting his album in Fudan University. Most of the difficult questions asked by the comperes were answered by Andy, when the compere revealed that Andy had released a total of 101 albums, the undergrads were surprised of the number.

The undergrads were excited that they could ask Andy questions. When asked: "Facing his current status and glory, did he feel pressurise and how you manage to be evergreen?" Andy answers: "I have everything, I just have to be serious in whatever I do, thus I'm not pressurise, with regards to staying in showbiz for so long depended on my will of staying on, of course also the support of all of you."

The undergrads also asked: "27 September is your birthday, we wished to wish you a happy birthday in advance, do you have any birthday wish?" Andy then wishes that all in relationship will lead a happy life, although it sounds simple but it's still a blessing from Andy.

When asked if he had heard of Mainland China's popular programme - Supergirl, Andy exclaimed that he had not watched it before but he had a piece of advice to the young contestants, he says: "Everyone has their own dreams, there are different chances of entering showbiz, the programme is one way, most important is to use the most true way of showing off your talent, of course, selecting a good teacher is very important."

In the end, Andy send his blessing to Fudan's 100th anniversary and express that he was influence by Fudan's 100th year of culture and it was the special of this institue with rich history that he chose to held the activity here.

When it was time for the media to ask questions, all reporters rushed forward but the students stayed on as they seek chances to break through the securities to get closer to their idol. Due to Andy's tight schedule, the reporters also doesn't wish to miss the chance to bombard Andy with questions, the students also kept on asking questions. Andy revealed that if his schedule permits, he will return to Shanghai to meet his fans.

news from: Sina.com