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| Monday, August 22, 2005

Jacky Wong, the popular child actor in Hong Kong was so famous that even Andy Lau invited him to join the cast of his movie - Wait Til' You're Older as he played Andy's younger brother, Jacky was even cast as the male lead for the latest Disney commercial.

A mature looking Jacky had such huge success that even his elder brother Jaffrey whom started in showbiz before him was jealous.

This summer holidays, Jacky would be busy with the promotion of the movie had a dangerous scene with Andy, Andy narrates: "In that scene, a 40-years-old me and my brother (Jacky) sat on the tree to peep at our house, as wires were required but accidentally Jacky fall onto the ground which gave him a big scare, when I asked him if he was scared, he told me that he was very scared, so cute!"

Other than being adore by Andy, he was also adore by his fellow classmate and teachers. He was very good in his studies as no tutor teacher was hired and he still manage to be among the top 3 in his class. However Jacky had few friends as he always goes filming after school thus attend few extra curriculum of the school but it didn't affect his studies as he express: "Filming is fun! After collaborating with Andy, I wish to collaborate with Stephen Chow! "

news from: Sudden Weekly