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| Saturday, September 03, 2005

Around 6:21pm on 2 September, a white private jet plane landed at the airport, when the door opened, the awaiting fans immediately cheered and the policemen formed a human wall to prevent anyone from going forward.

There were around 20 passengers on the plane and Andy Lau was the last person to alight from the plane, when his head pop out of the door, cheers and applause was heard and camera flashing away. Andy whom was full of smile jumps off the stairs as he waved his hands to thanks everyone.

A short hair Andy wore a black sports windbreaker over a white T-shirt, carrying a dark blue haversack and wore a beach bermuda, he looked very relaxed. Other than full of smiles, he kept waving before boarding a white salon car to leave the airport with a policecar opening the way for him.

As it was knocking off time, thus there was high traffic and the speed of Andy's car was slow, however in the congested traffic, no other drivers seems to notice that heavenly king superstar was just next to them.

When Andy arrived at the hotel, some 20 die-hard fans were already waiting for him but Andy's car didn't drive to the main door of the hotel but rather directly to the back-door in high speed with the shutter closed and locked immediately.

The fans sighed: "We had a person to station every door of the hotel but the back-door was locked at all times, thus no one was assigned to station there, never expected he took that route, can only see the back view of Andy." However, they added: "The back view of Andy is also nice, it's a kind of fortune to see his back view."

A female fan named Anna whom from Beijing followed Andy to Xi-an then to Zhengzhou and she also folded 927 paper pigeons in all sort of colours for Andy.

news from: www.jinbw.com.cn