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| Thursday, September 01, 2005

Last Saturday (27 August), Andy Lau arrived in Xi-an in his private jet for the first stop performance of his Mainland China concert tour part 2. When he alight from his plane, hundreds of fans immediately rushed forward to him resulting him having difficulties to board his car. The fans might have treated Andy as a saint as they kept waving and sending regards to him, some even reach out their hand to touch him, in a state of chaos, someone tap on Andy's head once. With so many hands, who knows who's the culprit!

For the Xi-an concert, Andy spend millions on the designing of the stage as it has a Roman theme, it was a full house of 40,000 audience, even some stayed outside the venue for free listening of the songs. A fit Andy revealed that he only ate sandwiches and salad before the concert starts, it's a price to pay for keeping fit!

After the concert, many fans gathered outside as Andy had to leave the venue secretly in a policecar to go back to the hotel.

Andy stayed in the president suite of the hotel, all arrangements were made, in case that Andy couldn't sleep, a teddy bear was prepared for him, a pair of duck was also in the bathroom to accompany him during his shower, with Andy's age, it seems strange for Andy to play with the ducks in the bathtub.

Andy's room also comes with a sauna, thus he could ease his tiredness in it!

news from: Easyfinder