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| Thursday, September 01, 2005

Media Asia invested HK$30 million to produce the movie - Wait Till You're Older, Andy Lau has several ageing images in the movie, there is also a love story from young to old, as a sudden grown old Andy had always holding a torch for his teacher Cherrie Ying, in this magical teacher-student relationship, he also expose a past relationship between Cherrie and principal Lam Ka Tung.

Cherrie says: "In the movie, I'm the first among the cast to see Andy in the old makeup! When we were location shooting outside a cinema in Wan Chai, everybody were nervous as the whole street was blocked as black cloth were set up to prevent Andy's image being revealed, I heard that he had to go through 8-hours of makeup before coming to start work, I waited anxiously for the arrival of Andy's car as I wanted to see how he looked in the makeup, however when the car arrives, everybody alight but I didn't see Andy, suddenly an old man walked past me as I thought he was one of the crew member, then this old man turned and talk to me, I didn't give any reaction. Then, the director shouted: "Andy, do come to the makeup car to take a look at the what was filmed..." Then I was surprise that the old man was actually Andy!"

Cherrie pointed out that Andy date her for a movie as when they knew each other, Andy was just 40-years-old but as he grow old day by day, when he meet her for movie, he's already 50-years-old plus and close to 60-years-old, although Andy was at the cinema to meet her but she fail to recognise him and thought that he played a trick on her! She quipped: "Then, I was shell shocked, I immediately took out my camera handphone to take a photograph as the makeup was so realistic! Looking at him, I begin to be afraid as if he really turned old, he do looked a bit like my grandfather! I kept whispering grandpa in his ears and he act as though he hear nothing and raise his hand as though he wanted to hit me, Hahaha!"

Andy exclaimed that the makeup did create several comical moments as nobody recognise him after the makeup, he tried going to the gents after his makeup, for those crew members whom never see him in the makeup before thought that he was a stranger. When he took the lift to his car downstairs, the lift also has other people and nobody recognise him that he's Andy Lau. When his mother saw his 80 years old look picture on magazine, she broke into tears.

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news from: Sina.com, Ta Kung Pao, Sun News, Wei Wen Po