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| Tuesday, September 20, 2005

On 18 September, Andy Lau was in Hailing, Zhejiang to perform as he watched the moon with millions of fans and sang 'Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin' (The Moon Represents My Heart), it was a happy atmosphere.

For 2 consecutive year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Andy spend it during his concerts, the moonlight at Hailing was specially beautiful, with the big round moon in the sky, it makes everyone happy. When Andy see the moon, he immediately took out the laterns during the rehearsal as he sing and play with the laterns, he also took a photograph with the moon as remembrance. After the rehearsal, he make his way back to the hotel where his crew members organised a Mid-Autumn Festival party which Andy was asked to join in and spend the whole night partying.

Last year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Andy was having his concert in Taizhou whereas this year in Hailing, Andy heard that Hailing is the best position for see the high tide of Qian Tang River, where this month is the high tide festival, thus millions of people came to see the tides but he could not go out thus unable to see the tide as he only could watch the video tape film by his crew member.

For this Mid-Autumn Festival, he received more than 10 boxes of mooncakes from friends and fans in Mainland China, but fearing that his cholesterol will increase, he afraid to eat mooncakes, fiurthermore he ate vegetarian for the first and fifteen day of the lunar month, therefore most of the mooncakes were distributed among his crew members.

On the day of Mid-Autumn Festival itself, Andy's mobile phone kept ringing as he has greeting sms-es from his friends in Hong Kong and Mainland China, among them, he receive a special greeting sms from a friend in China which use the lyrics of his song 'Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui' (It's not a sin for man to cry) was changed Mid-Autumn Festival greetings as in 'woman eat it, it's not a sin as no matter how fat a lady is, has the rights to increase her weight, it's sorrow at the back, those whom love you won't mind your waist, woman eat it eat it, it's not a sin, taste the long awaited taste of the mooncake is a beauty', Andy burst into laughters upon reading it, he also tried to sing this new Mid-Autumn Festival song.

After his Hailing performance, Andy will jet off to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for the promotion of his movie - Wait 'Til You're Older, followed by continuing his concert at Changsha. Within a month, he flying for a total of 20 times, Andy quipped that the number of times that he's on the plane is more than he's on a car, sometimes he'll fall asleep, and need to think for awhile before knowing where he was. He had no choice as he will start filming for the movie Mo Zi in October, with such a tight schedule, he had to suffer a little.

news from: Sina.com