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| Monday, September 19, 2005

The movie - Wait Till You're Older will open in the cinema soon, Karen Mok whom was the mother of Andy Lau in the movie still could not believe her character since filming completed till today as she watch Andy's drama serial when she was young but how could it possible to become his "mother"!

Karen still remembers when Andy told him on the phone: "I've one character that's very suitable to you, that's being my mother", she doesn't know how to react. Although being in showbiz for so many years and have multiple images but she seldom become the mother of any actors, especially the person being heavenly king Andy, which makes her feel strange. However, with regards to Andy's choice of picking her to be his mother and feeling that Andy is a good friend that will share with good friends when good things come along as he contacted her when he has a good character for her.

Karen exclaimed that other than a breakthrough in her career, Andy also has a huge sacrifice as he had to me makeup till he looked like a 80-years-old. She says: "When he alight from the car, I can't believe my eyes that the person is Andy Lau!" Andy had to go through 7 hours of special makeup to make him looked old which Karen considered as more difficult than her multiple change of images.

news from: Ta Kung Pao