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| Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Being tipped as China's number one scriptwriter Jessica Chau Ching came to Changsha to promote her new drama serial exclaimed that she had finished writing the script for John Woo's The Battle at Chibi, where Chow Yun Fat will be cast as Zhou Yu. She exclaimed that she made 3 drafts of the script and pass the completed script to John which has 100 pages. As the movie has a international production team, the company was currently translating the script into English in order to be passed to the production team.

Due to violation of commercial secret, Chau could not reveal any details of the script but she exclaimed that every characters in the Romance of the 3 Kingdom would be involved. Few female characters appeared in war movies, there was worries that Battle of Chibi would be a "man movie" but Chau revealed that the 3 beauties of the 3 kingdom would appear in the movie but it's not confirmed of the amount of screentime they'll get as the production team would do changes to the script. Chau narrates that Battle of Chibi would be replay of the classic war where the weaker counterparts defeat the stronger counterparts.

Chau revealed that John would arrived in Beijing in October to select location shooting venues before shooting starts.

Meanwhile, Andy Lau's manager whom also arrived in Changsha recently revealed that Andy would be involved in an international production (initially titled as Story of Zhao Zi-long) currently titled as Chibi, he would be cast as Zhao Zi-long. The most exciting part of Zhao is the battle to protect his master, in order to act well the character, it would be an acting challenge to Andy. After his concert tour in Mainland China, Andy would start his preparation of the movie as he hope to bring surprises to the audiences.

Looking at the history of movies, seldom Andy and Chow new movies would compete each other next year, would it be different with the acting of 2 best actors of movies with similiar theme, thus it would a battle of the titans in the movies.

news from: Sina.com